Potcake Poet’s Choice: David Galef, ‘Nohow’

I do what I don’t
If I can’t and then could.
I wouldn’t say won’t
When I mustn’t but should.

Do I never need not
Any time that’s all now?
Should I get what I’ve got
Nowhere here but not how?

When the whos turn to whom
As I do till I die,
I will rumor the room
And stop asking why.

David Galef writes: “Nohow, besides being a homage to Cummings, is the kind of celebration of sound and sense that people always seem to enjoy. First published in Blue Unicorn.”

David Galef has published over two hundred poems in magazines ranging from Light and Measure to The Yale Review. He’s also published two poetry volumes, Flaws and Kanji Poems, as well as two chapbooks, Lists and Apocalypses. In real life, he directs the creative writing program at Montclair State University.

“‘Why?’, Mike Luckovich, Pulitzer-Winning Political Cartoonist (1 of 4)” by Tony Fischer Photography is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


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