Short Poem: ‘Darkness’

I miss the dark.
Nights pitchblack as pitch in the seams of the planks of boats on a starlit sea
when you walk in a garden
with hands out in front in case you walk into a tree.
Moonless nights
where stars let you grope over rocks at the beach with blind eye –
and then the moon rises
like the sunlit reflecting rock that it is. Then you can see. Can see why.
Why I miss the dark.


This poem was originally published in Snakeskin. It seems to have a structure, i.e. it isn’t completely formless. Perhaps it needs more work. But it’s very much like the rural moonless nights where I was brought up, and where I have returned. I stumble around happily in many aspects of life.

A Forest / At Night (The Cure photographic cover)” by Max Sat is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.


3 thoughts on “Short Poem: ‘Darkness’

  1. Michael Burch

    Robin, it seems it would be “with blind eyes” or “with [a] blind eye.” Your poem reminds me of the ending of this one of mine, in which distance becomes ultimate darkness:

    This Distance Between Us
    by Michael R. Burch

    This distance between us,
    this vast gulf of remembrance
    void of understanding,
    sets us apart.

    You are so far,
    lost child,
    weeping for consolation,
    once dear to my heart.

    Once near to my heart,
    though seldom to touch,
    now you are foreign,
    now you grow faint …

    like the wayward light of a vagabond star—
    obscure, enigmatic.
    Is the reveling gypsy
    becoming a saint?

    Now loneliness,
    a broad expanse
    —barren, forbidding—
    whispers my name.

    I, too, am a traveler
    down this dark path,
    unsure of the footing,
    cursing the rain.

    I, too, have felt pain,
    pain and the ache of passion unfulfilled,
    remorse, grief, and all the terrors
    of the night.

    And how very black
    and how bleak my despair . . .
    O, where are you, where are you
    shining tonight?

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      1. Michael Burch

        Languages evolve over time. If I say “Birds sleep with open eye” it sounds very awkward to me. I would immediately either use “eyes” or “an open eye.” But it’s your poem and your decision. As an editor, I feel obligated to mention such things.

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