Potcake Chapbooks: new Call for Submissions

Potcake Chapbooks (named for the stray dogs of the Bahamas and Caribbean) come together when enough good poems–in a diversity of forms with a diversity of attitudes and by a diversity of poets–have crossed my path and appear to have some common theme or topic. The next two are likely to be on Murder and on Translations… but they are close to full already.

After that–if I am able to hold artist Alban Low‘s attention long enough–the next topics might be Lost Loves, or Various Heresies, or Portraits Unpleasant, or Seasons, or Age, or Pets, or who knows. It will depend on what shows up.

Poems should be in formal verse, from 2 to 20 lines in length strongly preferred (but up to 50 lines barely possible), witty, vivid, elegant, and previously published. Flippant, emotional and meditative are all equally welcome. Contributors receive five copies.

By submitting you acknowledge you are the sole author and give the publisher, Sampson Low, the right to publish your poem; you retain copyright. Please identify the place of prior publication so that we can acknowledge it. Simultaneous submissions are fine. Warning: There is no time frame for acceptance or rejection! The chapbooks have been appearing periodically since October 2018, but there is no fixed schedule. I will check with you before a poem is published, but until then I simply store an inventory of possible poems. 

Email poems that you feel are in the spirit of the Potcake series, preferably in a single doc file, to robinhelweglarsen -at- gmail.com


4 thoughts on “Potcake Chapbooks: new Call for Submissions

  1. Alan J. Blaustein

    I’ve been trying to find a publisher for my chapbook, Pentameter. As the title states, formal verse, my twenty-four published poems. I have the book as a regular .docx and as the MS Word pamphlet template. If you’re interested, I can send the work to you.

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  2. Alan J. Blaustein

    I think some of the 24 published (I have three more now but not in the book) are longer than 20 lines. I’ll see how many I can take out. Thanks for your interest! This is poetry, though, so I can’t expect anything to be done with it except for the occasional surprise.

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  3. Alan J. Blaustein

    Oops! I broke from my usual way of working to actually looking up the book. Except for the 24-line Valhalla (a four-blank-sextet joke), none of my poems are over 20, Shakespearean sonnets, rispettos, and quatrains. Four are blank, and the rest rhyme. I have it in regular .docx and in Word Template.

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